So today is the 26th of February 2017 and there are currently 7,486,965,434 people populating the earth at the time that I am writing this and here you are reading my first ever blog post and here i am writing it, Honestly i don’t know what this blog will be about and i don’t even know if i will stick to it but i will give it my best effort to stick to this and in a way document my year, my adventures, my experiences..etc.

So let me tell you a little bit about me; My name is Toni; Not Antonia, Not Antoinette Just Toni, I loose count of how many people ask me if my name is short for something. I am a 19-year-old female and I’m from the united kingdom. Okay important stuff out-of-the-way! I wouldn’t say i’m a very interesting person.. i mainly keep myself to myself, i have a few close friends i’m pretty contented with my life at this point in time, because i really don’t have many things to moan about. i guess being happy has generally become a part of my personality, i like to think of my self as the funny friend; even though my jokes are lame.. i find them funny and i suppose i do come out with some funny one liners.. id like to think i’m the  chandler of my friend group, if you’ve seen the TV sitcom from the 90’s ‘Friends’ you’d understand that reference, By the way..its one of my all time favourite programmes ever. i wouldn’t say i am a very outgoing person; i get moments where i’m super shy but then i also get moments where i’m completely confident and feel on top of the world, but that probably stems from the fact that I suffered for roughly about 5 years with mental health issues, they got worse the older i got, at the moment they are under control and i feel ‘fine’ well that’s if you can define ‘fine’. in the spring and summer of 2016 i suffered with mild psychosis i wont lie when i say that wasn’t a nice phase in my life, i would find myself going out and drinking to try to avoid what was going on in my mind and for a while it worked, the alcohol made me feel on top of the world even if it led me to bad decisions and an empty bank account and a sky-high overdraft. although i made some amazing memories whilst i was going out and getting drunk because i was doing all of this with my best friend. someone who i met when i was merely 9 years old and have known for the last 11 years although for the first 9 years we were not even friends and only knew each other due to her cousin.

In 2015 I moved up to Oldham in Manchester with my best friend, it was the biggest and best adventure id ever been on, we had our own flat and to be honest it was perfect and ever since we moved back down south ive missed the flat it was such a good experience and i would do it again in a heart beat, everything happens for a reason though. there’s so much happening this year, my best friend has her baby, i go away in may and i turn 20 and say goodbye to my teenage years.

so for now I say goodbye.

until next time!


One Girl; One Giant adventure.








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